Last updated 02-08-2018 


[What is the C.E.R.T program?]

C.E.R.T stands for: Community Emergency Response Team. It is a free 8 week Emergency Preparedness Academy that teaches citizens how to prepare for and respond for emergencies and disasters in their communities with training based off of FEMA and Homeland security curriculum.




[When is the next C.E.R.T Academy?]

The next Yonkers C.E.R.T Academy will begin during the first week of April 2018. (Wednesday April 4th 2018 7:00 pm)

[How do I sign up for the next Academy?]

All applicants must complete and return an application.

[When can I sign up for the next Academy?]

Applications are being accepted from January 1st 2018 until March 31 2018.

[What are the age requirements?]

You must be at least 18 years old age to enroll. There is no cap on age, seniors are welcome.

[If I am under 18 can in enroll if one of my parents takes the classes with me?]

Yes, but your parent/guardian must be present with you at each class session.

[What is the youngest recommended age to attend this program with a parent/guardian?]

15 is the youngest recommended age for the course at this time.

[Do I have to live in the City of Yonkers to attend the Academy?]

No, but in the case of an overbooked class - preference will be given to Yonkers residents.



[How big are class sizes?]

Class sizes can range from 12 to 25 students per Academy. The Maximum class size would be 30.

[How much does the Acadmey cost?]

The entire course is 100% free.

[What if I have my own group or association in Yonkers and want to have a C.E.R.T Academy for them?]

The group or association would have to guarantee a minimum of 15 participants, and contact our office at 914-377-7325 to discuss setting up a custom Academy. 

[What if I have my own group or association that wants a C.E.R.T Academy but we have less than 15 members?]

Check our website listing for upcoming classes and register in advance so we can hold the seats for your group.

[I am a college, business, or faith based organization and would like to create a partnership with the C.E.R.T academy?]

Contact our office at 914-377-7325 to schedule a meeting. 

[Do I need to have previous experience as a Police Officer, Fire Fighter, or EMT to be part of Yonkers C.E.R.T?]

Absolutely not. You will be given all the required  training during the 8 week Academy.

[What if I have previous experience as a Police Officer, Fire Fighter, or EMT?]

You will have prior knowledge about some of the class concepts and will enjoy the course more.



[Can C.E.R.T teach me any skills that would be useful if Yonkers had a Hurricane Harvey?]

Yes, Class # 1 teaches disaster planning, preparedness, and family evacuation plans.

[What type of people have joined the C.E.R.T academy?]

Men and women from all walks of life have joined the team: Moms, dads, college students, retirees.

[Is this Academy geared more toward men than women?]

Not at all. In fact our 2nd class had more women than men in it.

[Is every Academy just the same material taught over again from the last session?]

No, Improvements are made after each Academy ends. Academies 1 and 3 were vastly different courses. This also gives our graduates who sit in on future academies exposure to new material. Class 4 has been entirely redesigned to include the best of the first 3 classes..

[Are your instructors certified to teach these courses?]

Yes, our current instructors completed the required New York State training course. 


What is the C.E.R.T Academy like?

Classes are once a week - 2 hours per session, and taught in lecture with group discussion. There is a new topic each week. There are guest speakers from The Office of Emergency Management, Empress Ambulance, C.E.R.T graduates and many more. Students are also given access to exclusive training not offered to the general public or other volunteer programs. All lessons are published on drop box so students can gain access to them before or after classes. Students are encouraged to participate and ask questions at all times. Light refreshments are also served.

What happens at graduation?

You will receive a C.E.R.T course graduation certificate and C.E.R.T equipment bag. Graduates will then receive an official C.E.R.T identification card from the Yonkers Police Department and be eligible to deploy during live field emergencies.

What type of emergencies can C.E.R.T respond to?

At this time C.E.R.T graduates can respond to Fires, floods, Mass Casualty Incidents, and building collapses. 

Graduates and Alumni

Upon graduation you are promoted from student to C.E.R.T member. Graduates are welcome to attend all future field training sessions, private training sessions, and sit in on future academies and contribute to classes.

Promotions and ranks

We currently have a Commander and Deputy Commander and 3 Sargents. Police style ranks (Sgt, Lt., Captain) will be instituted in late early 2018. If you are active and meet the requirements you will be eligible for a promotion. 

Does C.E.R.T do anything fun?

Yes, we participate in the annual Westchester County Volunteer Drill. We participate in major city events such as: Parades, 4th of July events, Riverfest, the McLean Avenue Merchants Association Fair, Roller Derby at the PAL, and other charity events. We also have our end of the year party in December.


(Other misc questions)

[Is the C.E.R.T Academy part of, an extension, or a variation of the Yonkers Citizens Police Academy?]

No, they are separate programs.

Are C.E.R.T members paid employees of the City of Yonkers?

No, they are unpaid volunteers.

I need to do volunteer work or an internship for work or school does the C.E.R.T Academy count as that?

Please have your teacher or supervisor contact our office to ensure our program meets the requirements to fulfill your internship or volunteer work.

I have an official service dog can I bring him/her to class?

Yes, you can bring them to class sessions..

I would like to attend the classes but I need an official letter for my employer so I can change my work schedule?

Contact our office and we will make every effort to assist you.

What if I live in Yonkers but received my C.E.R.T training by Westchester County of New York City?

Please contact our office at 914-377-7325 and discuss and we will incorporate you into the Yonkers' Team