OEM Staff

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Michael Mosiello (B.A Fordham) has served as the Director of the Yonkers Office of Emergency Management since January 2016, and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Office of Emergency Management.

Kristian Palazola (B.A IONA) has served as the Assistant Director / Emergency Program Coordinator since January 2015, and is responsible for the primary field operations and administrating the Yonkers C.E.R.T. Academy. Kristian is also the direct supervisor of all OEM volunteers.

Joseph Callahan is the Commanding Officer of Emergency Management Support Services Unit. Mr. Callahan’s roll is to oversee and manage the OEM volunteers. Joseph brings a wealth of 40 years of volunteer and emergency response experience.

Jerry Jones is the OEM task master and is responsible to assist the Commanding Officer. Mr. Jones is a combat veteran with the Untied States Army during the Vietnam war, a retired City of Yonkers employee, and an expert in FEMA IS courses.