Suspended Registration Information

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Suspending a Registration is one of the most serious enforcement tools used by the City of Yonkers . According to the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, Article 20, Section 510(4-c), the five largest cities in New York State have the right to suspend a registration for failure to answer, appear at a hearing, or pay a final decision entered against at least one parking ticket for which a minimum of four late notifications have been sent. If your tickets were sent to a Collection Agency, you were sent a minimum of six notifications regarding your ticket(s). At this time the PVB does not file suspended registrations for Red Light Camera tickets.

The PVB's final notification to you was a Notice of Impending Registration Suspension. That notice informed you of the particulars of the law and that failure to respond would result in the PVB certifying your plate to the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles for suspension. Once the due date of that notice has passed without a disposition, a file is sent to the DMV certifying that the plates listed on the file are to be suspended. From that point on, an additional $20.00 registration suspension clearance fee is due. The DMV has now entered the plates as suspended in their system and sent out a letter to you informing you that the registration will be suspended effective on a certain date.

As per PVB Rules and Regulations, all parking tickets under all plates of the registrant must be paid before lifting a suspension. Once suspended in the PVB system, the only exception to that rule will be for tickets less than 60 days old or for which a hearing is pending. If you are suspended and you wish to schedule a hearing for any tickets less than 60 days old, all other tickets must be paid first.

There is a $20.00 registration clearance fee for each suspension listed on your plate(s). The PVB accepts cash, certified checks or credit cards (Visa, Master Card or Discover) ONLY to release suspensions. The cardholder must be present and must submit a picture ID. No personal checks will be accepted. There is no exception to this rule. 


The time to claim a defense or extenuating circumstances for any ticket received on your vehicle is within 30 days of receiving the ticket or prior to the due date on the first notice from the PVB. Hearings are not available on vehicles with a suspended registration unless a motion to vacate judgment is granted. Please click on Judgment Information listed to the left for detailed information on filing a Motion to Vacate Judgment and for the Motion Calendar days when you may be heard on your Motion to Vacate Judgment.
If you believe an error has been made, you have proof of payment, the tickets do not belong to your car, or the car was stolen, submit your proof to the clerk at the Information window. If your proof is valid and can be substantiated by the PVB and the NYS DMV, the PVB will correct the applicable payments, dismiss the applicable tickets, remove the suspension from the DMV, and, depending upon your case, you may not have to pay the suspension clearance fee.