PVB History

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The City of Yonkers Parking Violations Bureau (PVB) opened in April of 1991. It is an “Administrative Tribunal” established under the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, Article 2B. An Administrative Tribunal allows a municipality to handle parking violations civilly rather than quasi-criminally, as in a Court. Hearings are held before a Hearing Examiner and the ticket is prima facie evidence, meaning the ticket stands on its own and the issuing officer is not required at trial. In New York State, all cities with a population greater than 100,000, MUST collect a state surcharge of $15.00 (disability permit violations have a County surcharge of $30.00). The City may also suspend registrations, working in conjunction with the Department of  Motor Vehicles, for one violation which has received 5 notices.

The goal of the PVB is to enforce parking regulations to ensure compliance and increase public safety on city streets.

There are three main agencies that issue parking tickets in Yonkers: Yonkers Police Officers, Yonkers Parking Enforcement Officers and agents of the Yonkers Parking Authority. However, any New York State authorized police agency may write tickets as well. For example, Westchester County Police, Metro North Police and Environmental Protection Agency Police.

Along with suspending registrations, the PVB files a Judgment Roll with the City Court of Yonkers, has a Boot and Tow program, a Marshal program, and a Collection Agency. Both the Marshal and the Collection Agency can attach violators’ bank accounts and garnishee salaries for unpaid tickets.

In addition to enforcement and adjudication of parking regulations, the Yonkers PVB is also responsible for reviewing, issuing, collecting, adjudication, and enforcement of red light camera violations as per the NYS VTL 1111-b and Yonkers City Code 109-45.

The PVB also issues Parking Permits for the Disabled and Residential Parking permits.