Judgment Information

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If you have one or more tickets which have reached the Judgment Level at the Parking Violations Bureau (PVB) that means you have failed to either answer the original ticket and two subsequent notices, or have failed to appear at a scheduled hearing or to pay the amount rendered by an Administrative Law Judge.

Judgments are filed in the City Court of Yonkers. A judgment allows the Parking Violations Bureau to: suspend your NYS vehicle registration (for 1 or more parking tickets with 4 late notices); assign your account to a City Marshal; assign your account to a Collection Agency or to an Attorney; report your delinquency to a Credit Bureau; and boot or tow and impound your vehicle. Once a City Marshal or Collection Attorney has executed the judgment against you, your wages can be garnisheed and your property attached - this includes towing and impounding any vehicles registered or owned by you, whether they have any outstanding tickets or not.

Other than filing for a suspended registration, all the processes above are valid for Red Light Camera tickets as well: filing judgments, booting and towing, assigning to a Marshal, Collection Agency or Attorney.

Two Ways Vacate and Satisfy a Judgment

1. Payment in Full

Payments of judgments must be made in full. If your vehicle is also Boot and Tow eligible and/or the registration is suspended you may NOT pay online or by phone. You must come in person to the PVB to pay your tickets. If a suspension has been reported on your vehicle's registration to the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), there is an additional $20.00 fee to release each suspension. Payments must be made by Cash, Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card or Discover) or certified bank check. To pay by Credit Card the cardholder must be present and must present a picture ID.

2. File a Motion to Vacate Judgment

You may request a motion form from the clerk at the Information window for any ticket which does not already have a hearing decision. The motion form must be filled out in its entirety - each question answered clearly and succinctly. You must give a valid legal defense for your default in either answering the original violations, late notices, or for failing to appear at a hearing.

Your motion to vacate judgment will either be GRANTED or DENIED by the Administrative Law Judge. If it is GRANTED, you must be prepared for an immediate hearing. DO NOT file a motion if you need more time to prepare your defense or gather documentation or proof. Below please find the Motion Hearing Schedule. Unless you are Boot and Tow Eligible or Booted or Towed, your Motion to Vacate Judgment will only be heard on Fridays in 2019, any exceptions are listed below.





If your motion is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. You must file a notice of appeal within thirty (30) days of the motion denial date. There is a non-refundable $10 filing fee to process the appeal.
Filing an appeal DOES NOT stay the judgment. The judgment will remain in full force and effect unless payment or a bond posted in the amount of the judgment is filed, or unless the Appeals Board grants your appeal and overturns the denial of your original motion. The order of the Appeals Board is the final determination of the Bureau.

For judicial review, an Article 78 must be filed pursuant to the New York State Civil Practice Law and Rules.

Please Note: If you believe an error has been made, the tickets do not belong to your car or the car was stolen, submit your proof to the clerk at the Information window. If your proof is valid and can be substantiated by the PVB and the NYS DMV, you may NOT have to file a motion to vacate the judgment. The corrections may be made administratively.