Boot and Tow Information/Policy

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As per section 109-132 of the Yonkers City Code, any vehicle may be immobilized or towed “on which there are outstanding traffic warrants or fines for parking violations”. Your vehicle may also be towed for red light camera violations once a judgment has been entered against you and the total due on one or more plates in your name equals $300 or more.


Booting or towing (impounding) a vehicle is one of the strongest and most serious enforcement tools used by the City of Yonkers. If your vehicle has been impounded for outstanding violations it means you have failed to respond to tickets, late notices, or defaulted on a decision on one or more plates registered in your name.

The following is a list of instructions for booted and towed vehicles which if followed, will make the release of your vehicle easier.

If you attempt to remove or in any way damage the boot before settling your account with the PVB, a $475 boot replacement fee will be assessed against you until the boot is returned. If the boot is returned completely undamaged the fee will be changed to $175 with a $20 per day penalty from the date of impound through the return date.

Boots may remain on vehicles a maximum of 4 hours. The vehicle will then be towed to a tow yard. However, a booted vehicle may be towed at any time. A vehicle with an expired or suspended registration is required to be towed to impound. The expired registration must be renewed and all suspensions cleared to release and operate the vehicle. Otherwise, once all tickets are paid, it must be flat bedded from the tow yard to private property and remain off the street until properly registered and/or inspected.


To pay and receive a release for your vehicle, you must appear at the PVB before 3:00 p.m. YOU MAY NOT PAY ONLINE FOR A BOOTED OR TOWED VEHICLE. Any outstanding tickets under the registered owners name and/or the titled owner must be paid and the vehicle must be registered and insured to obtain a release form. Upon arrival, you are required to provide proof of identification: a valid driver’s license and the vehicle’s registration. You will then receive a printout listing the tickets and dollar amount due on each plate registered in your name and/or the titled owner's name. New tickets are added daily and penalties will continue to accrue each day until payment is made. The total amount due on the printout is valid for the date of the printout only. Once released, you are still responsible for any tickets which have not yet been entered into the computer system.


Vehicles are only released to the registered owner or title holder of the vehicle. No one else has a legal claim or right to the vehicle. This is for your protection as well as the Bureau's. In extraordinary circumstances, an original notarized letter from the registered owner or title holder may be submitted, giving a particular person permission to receive custody of the vehicle. No faxed or photocopies of letters will be accepted. A readable copy of the registered owner’s driver’s license is acceptable and must be submitted with the notarized letter. The authorized person must have no unpaid tickets in their name and have a valid driver’s license.


In order to release the vehicle you must pay the total amount due on all vehicles registered or titled in your name. This includes any fees for registration suspensions and any Judgment fees. An additional $20.00 fee is charged for each suspension clearance. There are no Payment Plans. The PVB accepts cash, credit cards (except American Express), debit cards, money orders, or certified bank checks only to release a booted or towed vehicle. No personal checks or second party credit or debit cards are accepted. There is no exception to this rule. To pay by credit card, the cardholder must be present and must present a picture ID.


The time to claim a defense or extenuating circumstances for any ticket received on your vehicle is within 30 days of ticket issuance or prior to the due date on the first late notice from the PVB. Hearings are not always available for an impounded vehicle. If you believe you have a defense to a ticket not yet in judgment, you may pay under protest to release your vehicle and a hearing may be scheduled for you at a later date.


Once paid, a release form will be drawn up by an authorized PVB staff member. If your vehicle has been booted, but not towed, you must pay a $75.00 boot release fee to the PVB. The boot will then be removed and you may retrieve your vehicle. A copy of the release form will be given to you for your records.


If your vehicle has been towed, you will be given two (2) copies of the release form: one for your records and one for the Tow Company who has towed and is storing your vehicle. The Tow Company will not release the vehicle to you without a properly executed release form.

The fees for the Tow Companies are set by law and not by the Parking Violations Bureau. Tow fees must be paid to the Company which impounded your vehicle. Storage is $35.00 a day, including the day your vehicle was towed to the yard and the day it is released. You must contact the Tow Company to find out the exact amount due and the location of your vehicle.

A.P.O.W. Towing
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