Organic Yard

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Yonkers Organic Yard
610 Nepperhan Avenue
Open Monday – Saturday 7:00 am – 3:00 pm (closed holidays) April through December

Rules and Regulations

Are the same as those at the Recycling Center with the exception of landscapers who are allowed to use the Organic Yard.

Only organic materials are allowed at the Yard:

  • Leaves
  • Branches up to 10” thick
  • Live Christmas Trees
  • No grass clippings (clippings should be left on the lawn)
  • No tree stumps
  • No plastic bags


Please be advised that during leaf season the Refuse Collection Division will make two trips to your home. The first stop will be for recycling and the second for leaves.

Leaf collection

Every recycling day from October 17 through December 12, residents must place all leaves in brown paper compost bags or in open containers at curbside for collection. (Leaves cannot be disposed of with regular trash during compost season.) You may also bring your leaves to the City’s Organic Recycling Center at 610 Nepperhan Ave for disposal. The City will not collect leaves in plastic bags. It is a violation of the city code for property owners to place leaves into the street.