Growing the Economy  

What You Need to Know:

  • We have a three part strategy to bring business to Yonkers, and it is working. First, we are getting our message out to investors through our Generation Yonkers campaign. Second, our Planning and Development staff provides personalized service to every investor. Third, our Industrial Development Agency provides targeted tax incentives in cases where they can make the difference between bringing a project to Yonkers or losing it to someplace else.

  • With so many new businesses coming to our City, we're seeing a reduction in our rate of unemployment, down from 9.1% in January 2012 to 6.2% today.

  • New residential, hotel and business developments are creating thousands of jobs and attracting world-class brands to Yonkers. Working with the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency, we've added more than 500 full time jobs and 950 construction jobs to our City. 

  • Last year, we sold the first "A" rated Yonkers bond in over 30 years, indicating that our City faces a better financial future and saving taxpayer dollars.