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YONKERS, NY – March 23, 2018 – Mayor Spano joined members of Yonkers City Council, members of Yonkers Federation of Teachers, Yonkers Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin Quezada and Yonkers Public Schools Board of Trustee Nader Sayegh today to present the School of the Month Award for February 2018 to the deserving administration, faculty, staff, parents and students at Scholastic Academy for Academic Excellence. Under the leadership of Principal Dr. Valencia Brown-Wyatt, Scholastic Academy is being recognized for their consistent academic success and their curriculum outside of the classroom.  

Scholastic Academy’s commitment to project based learning through ‘Thinking Maps’ has led to the 577 students of Scholastic Academy making strides in all subject areas.  Scholastic Academy has also been at the forefront of Yonkers Public Schools’ participation in President

Obama’s ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ initiative.  Mayor Mike Spano and School Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada accepted President Obama’s challenge prior to the 2016-17 school year. 

"I was very impressed by the caliber of talent, especially the students who presented to us today at Scholastic Academy," said Mayor Spano. "It was a wonderful example of what our Yonkers students are capable of when given the resources and opportunity to shine."

The mission of Scholastic Academy for Academic Excellence is to empower the students and parents to reflect and prioritize their goals in order to gain their independence of working towards being a productive member of the workforce.  

“Scholastic Academy is a deserving recipient of Mayor Spano’s School of the Month Award,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin M. Quezada. “This school is an example of what students are capable of achieving when both parents and teachers are focused together on providing the support and encouragement not only in the classroom, but in creative extracurricular endeavors.”

“On behalf of the Board of Education Trustees, I would like to congratulate Scholastic Academy Principal Dr. Valencia Brown-Wyatt and the entire Scholastic Academy family on their very well-deserved award and applaud the work they continue to do to make this school one of our finest in Yonkers,” said Board of Education Trustee Dr. Nader J. Sayegh.

Tom Esposito from McGraw Hill Education also was in attendance to present a $5,000 donation to the school to use for reading materials and educational resources. McGraw Hill representative Tom Esposito is a lifelong Yonkers resident and former teacher and administrator. 

“McGraw Hill Education is honored to award Scholastic Academy a gift of $5,000 to be used for educational materials,” said Tom Esposito, McGraw Hill Education representative. “It was evident from the program we attended today that great things are happening at Scholastic Academy.”

Mayor Spano’s School of the Month recognition program began in January 2014 as a way to celebrate the significant academic success, extracurricular achievements and community volunteerism of Yonkers’ students, teachers, administration and staff at Yonkers Public Schools.