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(Mayor Spano looks on as the first LED street light is installed on Falmouth Road)

Many residents look at their home energy bill and cringe. We have the same reaction in city government, especially when it turns out we're paying too much. The cost of lighting the city’s 12,000 traditional “cobra head” street lights is a perfect example. Not only are the cobra heads costly, they burn out quickly too, driving up maintenance costs and leaving residents in the dark.

About the Project 

In July 2013, Mayor Spano launched the LED Street Light Replacement Project to replace all 12,000 of the city's cobra heads with new LED lights. The LEDs will cut Yonkers' energy bill by 60%, save taxpayers $18 million in energy costs over ten years and reduce Yonkers' carbon footprint by 3,000 tons annually. 

The new lights are also extremely durable and last upwards of 80,000 hours or nearly 19 years. That means less ongoing maintenance and more taxpayer savings. They’re also a lot brighter than the old lights. That means improved lighting and increased public safety in our neighborhoods.

“The City of Yonkers is leading by example,” said Mayor Spano. “Energy-saving improvements like LED lights are a common sense way to cut costs and protect the environment at the same time.  

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