Other Benefits

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Many other benefits are available that we can help you apply for include:

  • NYS Blind Annuity: This benefit is for wartime veterans and widows if the veteran has become blind for any reason.  The widow of a veteran can continue to receive this benefit after the veteran passes away.
  • Property Tax Exemptions: For wartime veteran’s and widow’s home.
  • Federal and NYS Nursing Home Facilities:  The Veterans Administration provides limited nursing home services for qualified veterans that are 70 % Service Disabled or above and for terminal veterans.  The NYS Nursing Home at Montrose NY can provide nursing home care for veterans and their spouses on a space available basis.
  • Obtaining Official Copies: We can assist you in obtaining an official copy of your discharge, DD Form 214, Decorations and Awards, Military Service or Medical Records.
  • Veteran Status: We can help you prove your service to our country by obtaining the documentation for Social Security, New York State and Department of Social Services.