Office Services

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Office Services is responsible for the following areas:

TELECOMMUNICATIONS – Telecommunications is undergoing a revolution. In this new industrial age of information, a municipality must take advantage of this technology to better serve its citizens or be passed by. Yonkers has begun a program to accomplish this.

RECORDS MANAGEMENT – The Records Management Center has the potential to become the City’s central records center set up in conformance with SARA (NY State Archive & Records Agency) guidelines. SARA is not only a grant funding source but establishes operational guidelines for records that are growing more important to municipalities needing to meet the demands of today’s more complex world.

PRINT SHOP – The print shop has the potential to do more of the City’s printing inhouse.

MAILROOM – In order to better serve the needs of the City’s staff the mailroom has been going through a significant transition. The mailroom space has been reconfigures, major equipment replaced and upgraded, and staffing enhanced.