Water Bureau

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The Water Bureau is charged with the responsibility of providing safe potable water for residential, commercial and industrial users, and also for providing adequate supplies for firefighting purposes. The Bureau ensures that the water supply is in compliance with Federal, State and County standards. Other functions of the Bureau include water main inspection and leak detection, maintenance of the water system, meter reading/servicing, and installation of new water mains.

2015 DPW DayThe Water Bureau supplies approximately 11 billion gallons of water per year, or approximately 29 million gallons per day. There are over 375 miles of water lines, over 4,400 fire hydrants, 3 water towers, 4 pump stations and 5 disinfectant stations.

The Water Treatment Plant, in addition to being a pump and disinfectant station it acts as the command post for the Water Bureau. Here system conditions such as flows, pressures, tower elevations and chemical storage tank elevations.  It is an around the clock operation, every day of the year.

Also located on the premises is the City of Yonkers, NELAC accredited, Water Laboratory. Under the supervision of the Assistant Water Superintendant, Water Operators & Laboratory Staff perform daily testing of our drinking water to ensure compliance with USEPA and NYS Department of Health requirements. In addition to performing most of the required Federal and State compliance monitoring, Laboratory Staff respond to consumer complaints regarding water quality and provide, upon request, routine water testing services to the residents of Yonkers. The Laboratory performs approximately 24,000 chemical sample tests in a typical year, and about 8,000 bacteriological sample tests. It also responds to about 600 consumer complaints per year.   

The Water Repair Shop provides maintenance and repair programs for the water system. Such programs include water main and hydrant repairs and installations. In a typical year the Water Repair Shop will respond to about 60 water main breaks, about 300 fire hydrant repairs, and complete about 80 fire hydrant installations. It will also install about 650 water meters to ensure accurate water meter readings for billing purposes and water conservation.

The Water Shop staff also works with other utilities and contractors, performing water main mark-outs, so that water mains will not be damaged during subsequent excavations. Some mark-outs are performed on an emergency “24/7” basis, and could typically number about 60 per year. Also, about 900 water leaks are investigated per year, and about 1,600 water leak mark-outs are made in a typical year. Possible contamination of the public water supply, due to a faulty connection by a customer, is protected against through an aggressive cross connection control program by the Water Bureau.