Sewer Department

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The Sewer Bureau is responsible for the inspection, maintenance and repair of 400 miles of combined sanitary and storm sewers, and the cleaning and repairing of 11,500 catch basins and 25,000 manholes. Much of the combined system is quite old, having been constructed in the early 1900’s, resulting in a high level of quality maintenance. The Sewer Bureau staff responds to emergencies 24 hours a day in order to maintain a healthy quality of life for the citizens of Yonkers.

A preventive maintenance program is conducted which provides for sewer and catch basin inspection and cleaning, to prevent sewer backups from occurring. In a typical year about 2,000 catch basins are so cleaned. Also, about 200 sewer blockage complaints are responded to by the Sewer Bureau. The problem of tree root infiltration into sewer lines is combated by the use of chemical treatments applied by vendors on a periodic basis. The inspection of sewer lines is accomplished through the use of TV camera and monitor equipment. Sewer line cleaning is typically accomplished by the Bureau staff through the use of a flusher truck with root cutting equipment.

Major emergency storm and sewer line repairs are completed through the use of contractors and capital projects. Localized emergency repairs are performed by the Bureau workforce. The Bureau also performs scheduled repairs to catch basins, sewer manholes and connecting pipelines.