City Maintenance Division

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The City Maintenance Division is responsible for street sweeping, pothole repair, guide rail repair, and lot cleaning. The Division also secures and cleans abandoned properties, maintaining property line fences to prevent illegal dumping. In a typical year the Division cleans and boards up about 55 buildings. It also cleans weeds and debris from vacant City-owned lots. All told, about 800 such locations are cleared and cleaned each year.

The Division is responsible for a City-wide graffiti removal program. As part of this effort, in a typical year, more that 700 graffiti markings will be removed, 100 traffic signs cleaned of markings, 125 mailboxes cleaned, and about 500 fire hydrants painted. The quality of life of any City is very dependent up on this type of maintenance program.

Street SweeperSweeping the City streets involves the use of 10 mechanical street sweepers.  In tandem with street sweeping is litter pickup, which is achieved in part through the use of Senior Rangers in the Ranger Program that is administered by the Division.

A 24-hour a day, emergency service “Alert Crew” is manned by the Division to respond to any emergency situations that might develop for the Police, Fire, other City Departments, as well as by the DPW. Situations could involve such things as response to accident scenes for cleanup; hazardous waste spills assistance, dead animal pickup, and whatever other problems that might occur in the City at any time of day or night.

The Division’s pavement and guide rail repair programs are very important for the traveling safety of the citizens of Yonkers. In a typical year, the Division repairs over 1,000 potholes, and repairs the pavement over 150 water or sewer cuts. It also replaces about 1,400 linear feet of guide rail.

Also, it performs the maintenance and repair of all City street lighting and traffic control signals. The program is designed to be proactive with a 96-hour response time. In an average year the Division performs about 3,800 street light repairs and about 1,000 traffic control signal repairs.

The Division maintains the Saw Mill River by keeping it clear of debris, allowing the river to be free flowing and less prone to flooding adjacent areas. The Division has also performed cleanup of the Nepperhan Creek. The US Army Corps of Engineers, and the NYS Department of Conservation, provide input to the annual Saw Mill River cleanup, flood control program. 

The City Maintenance Division also participates in City festivals, parades, and other public functions by installing and removing banners and decorations, and by supplying barriers and other necessary barricades. In a typical year this could involve 5 parades, the Riverfest Activities through out the year, and the 4th of July.