Adoption PolicyYonkers Animal Shelter

Potential pet adopters must complete an adoption application. The adoption application is designed to give Animal Shelter staff more information about the pet adopter's household and experience with animals and generally provides the basis by which animals are placed in suitable homes.

Because the decision to adopt a lifelong companion is a big step in one's life, all family and household members must participate in the selection of a pet. It is also required that dogs in current households meet the Shelter dog before the adoption process is finalized. Under extenuating circumstances exceptions to this rule may be waived upon the approval of the City’s Animal Control Officer.

License Your Dog

Owners are required to purchase a new license every calendar year and to display the license tag on the animal’s collar. Licenses can be purchased at the Shelter in person or by mail at the Yonkers City Clerk’s Office. The Yonkers Animal Shelter Staff will mail out applications to citizens requesting information by phone.

A valid rabies certificate must be presented at the time a dog license is issued. No license can be issued without proof of rabies vaccination.

Spay/Neuter Any unsterilized animal adopted from the Shelter must be spayed or neutered within a designated time.

Free veterinary examination. All animals adopted from the Shelter receive their first veterinary examination free with participating hospitals. This examination must be scheduled within seven days of adoption. Pet owners are responsible for any diagnostic tests, vaccination or other types of treatment. 

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