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Hall of Fame

Committee Members

  • Geraldine Esposito, Chairperson
  • Jason Wilson
  • Donald Weigand
  • Anthony J. Giannelli
  • Victor Federico
  • Anthony M. Landi, Commissioner, Parks, Recreation & Conservation
  • Steve Sansone, Deputy Commissioner, Parks, Recreation & Conservation

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Deadline for submitting nominations is February 1, 2020

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Throughout the years, many outstanding citizens of Yonkers have gained prominence in the world of sports. In addition to the personal fame and recognition which they have attained, they have added to the pride and spirit of Yonkers. The prestige, honor and fame which they once brought to themselves and fellowmen, should live on as symbols of achievement and serve as examples for future generations.


The Yonkers Sports Hall of Fame is established to honor outstanding professionals and amateurs in the field of sports, living or deceased, who have gained prominence and have made a substantial contribution to sports in the City of Yonkers.

The names of those selected will be permanently enshrined upon plaques located now within the Yonkers Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation, at 285 Nepperhan Avenue, Yonkers, New York 10701.


Under the auspices of the Yonkers Board of Parks, Recreation and Conservation, a Committee shall be formed to administer the operation and function of this program in conjunction with the Yonkers Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation.

The Yonkers Hall of Fame Committee shall consist of members who reside in Yonkers and/or whose principal employment is within the City limits and who have exhibited an interest in sports activities. The Committee shall consist of seven (7) members. Members to be included are as follows:

  • Three (3) Parks Board Members, voted by the Board, for a two (2) year term
  • Commissioner, Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation
  • Deputy Commissioner, Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation
  • Two (2) Community Members at Large, voted by the Board, for a one(1) year term
  • Chairman must be selected from the Members of the Parks Board

No member of a current Yonkers Sports Hall of Fame Committee can be elected to the Yonkers Sports Hall of Fame.


To be eligible for nomination to the Yonkers Sports Hall of Fame, an individual must meet the following criteria of eligibility:

  1. Attain local, state and national recognition and prominence in either professional or amateur sports as a player, coach, manager, official, owner, writer, broadcaster or any special category as established by the Committee.
  2. Candidate must be out of the sport as a participant for a period of five years or have passed his/her 55th birthday. 
  3. Must have resided in Yonkers for a minimum of 15 years.

Candidates are chosen for their playing ability, integrity, character, sportsmanship and advocacy of sports; on the basis of their contribution to the team or teams for which they played and/or to sports and recreation in general.

They must have brought honor, fame and prestige not only to themselves, but also to the City of Yonkers. Their actions must have inspired young people to participate; and their example must have encouraged others to promote and initiate Community Sports and Recreation programs.


Nominations: Nominations shall be solicited from the general public. Official applications for nomination forms will be available August 1st. No more than two members may be elected to the Yonkers Sports Hall of Fame in any election. Entry deadline for submitting applications for nominations shall be February 1st of the following year. Five (5) members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum. Where Committee approval is required, a supermajority consisting of a minimum of five (5) votes, of the whole Committee is required. A supermajority vote of the Committee shall be necessary for election into the Yonkers Sports Hall of Fame. Each of the seven (7) members of the subcommittee shall have one (1) vote.

The Committee shall be responsible for its final recommendation to the Parks Board no later than April 1st of each year, unless otherwise approved by the Parks Board. All recommendations and decisions shall remain confidential within the Committee. The final adoption of Hall of Fame Inductees would be made at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Parks Board.


Individuals selected will be inducted into the Yonkers Sports Hall of Fame during the month of October each year (unless extenuating circumstances prevail). Three plaques are reserved for each inductee in the Yonkers Sports Hall of Fame:

  1. A photograph depicting him/her in action during his/her heyday
  2. A wall trophy perpetuating his/her accomplishments
  3. A wall plaque perpetuating his/her biographical information.