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April 16, 1963, Article 12D of the municipal laws of the State of New York authorized governing boards of any county, city, village or town the perogative to create a commission on human rights. Exercising this option, the Yonkers City Council established the commission pursuant to Resolution #622 of 1963, and amended under Resolution #713 of 1966, #116 of 1969, and #131 of 1982.

Mission Statement
Foster mutual respect and understanding among all racial, religious, and ethnic groups in the community, and to recognize all forms of discrimination based on sex or age. Undertake such studies in any field of Human Relations within the community as in the judgment of the commission, which will aid in effectuating improved relationships among all diversified groups. Inquire into incidents of tension and conflict among or between various racial, religious, and nationality groups, and to take such actions as may be designed to alleviate such tensions and conflict. Conduct and recommend such educational programs as, in the judgement of the commission will increase goodwill among inhabitants of the community and open new opportunities into all phases of community life for all inhabitants.