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Screening Committee

Screens candidates suggested for appointment to the Yonkers Commission on Human Rights and recommend to the Rules Committee or any other duly authorized committee of the City Council for appointment or re-appointment of the best suited candidates after reviewing their qualifications for the position and the composition of the Commission at the time of appointment.

Housing Committee

Conducts broad education programs designed to promote equal rights in housing and receives and refers complaints to the Commission staff and holds hearings with Commission approval when appropriate, alleged discriminatory acts and practices in housing rentals, sales, and a denial of equal terms, privileges, and conditions of tenancy. The committee studies, initiates, and supports programs designed to increase the supply of new housing for all income groups, plan and implement a process of residential desegregation to prevent further expansion of the racial ghetto and study and implement through collateral agencies, code enforcement practices and environmental educational services designed to alleviate the spread of blight in sub-standard housing.

Employment Committee

Plans and recommends programs pertaining to non-discrimination in employment practices and Affirmative Action. These programs should include recruitment, job training, and efforts toward up grading. The Committee shall also recommend methods for the creation of grievance procedures.

Education Committee

Seeks ways to improve the quality of education for all inhabitants of the City of Yonkers. The Committee conducts educational workshops and studies the inequities of the educational system as it exists and recommends programs toward change. The Education Committee assists in creating training programs geared to community development and human relations.

Legislative Committee

Initiates, reviews, and reports on legislation (federal, state, and local) which affects the programs and policies of the Commission. It has the authority to recommend changes in existing legislation to assist in carrying out the purpose of the Commission.

Events Committee

Recommends and plans programs to further human relations among the various communities within the city of Yonkers as well as to celebrate Human Rights accomplishments and deeds. These events will include but are not limited to celebrating Human Rights Day in December, presentation of awards to individuals who exemplify by their actions and deeds human rights achievements, and school essay contests which focus on human rights and related issues. The Committee also explores involvement with other organizations, which support directly or indirectly human rights activities.