In addition to the NYS Pension, Retirees of the City of Yonkers enjoy many of the same benefits they had as active employees.

Benefits Contributions

Your contribution for Medical Benefits continues at the same rate as when you were an active employee.

Medical premium payments must be made by check (no cash accepted) payable to “City of Yonkers Comptroller” and be mailed to:

Department of Human Resources – Benefits Office
One Larkin Center, 2nd Floor
Yonkers, NY 10701

In December of each year you will receive a notice informing you of the premium rate for the following year.  At that time any changes in your status, not as yet reported, must be noted (marital status, loss of dependents, etc.).  

Retirees (and their spouses) become eligible for Medicare at age 65 (or earlier, with certain disabilities). Medicare Part A covers hospital costs, and is automatically issued at no cost. Part B is optional and covers outpatient services. There is a cost for Part B which will be reimbursed quarterly to any retiree and dependent that is enrolled in NYS Empire Health Insurance Plan. A copy of the Medicare Card indicating Part A&B coverage must be submitted to City of Yonkers Human Resources/Benefits at the address noted above.

Most survivors of deceased retirees may retain medical benefits through the City but are required to pay the full premium, not the same contribution afforded the retiree. If eligible, the reimbursement for Medicare Part B insurance is applied to the premium to help lower the burden of cost. Some survivors may have different options available to them, depending upon the union representation of the retired spouse. Quarterly reminders are sent to survivors for premium payments and reporting of status changes.

The following websites provide useful information and forms.  There is no registration required to access information:

New York State Retirement System
(Local Employees/Police and Fire)
(866) 805-0990

New York State Health Insurance Plan (NYSHIP) The Empire Plan
(800) 433-4344

  • Go to Benefits Program
  • Then click NYSHIP online
  • Then click "I work for a participating Agency"
  • Then click "PA Empire Plan"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I mailed my check for my premium payment for my medical insurance last month, and it still hasn't been cashed.

A. We post all payments in the Benefits Office then submit them to Finance for deposit.  There is sometimes a backlog in Finance.  Please be patient as they process your deposit.

Q. Who is responsible for payment of my medical claims once I am on Medicare?

A. Medicare becomes primary and NYS Empire (NYSHIP, or whichever plan you have chosen) is secondary.

Q. I am retired and have been on Medicare Parts A & B for years, yet I have never received a reimbursement for Medicare Part B.

A. Your reimbursement is being applied to the cost of your premium.

Q. How do I change my address for my medical plan?

A. Send a letter, with your signature, indicating your social security number, new address and phone number to the Department of Human Resources Benefits Office at the address noted above.

Q. Does the City of Yonkers forward my new address to NYS Pension?

A. No. You must contact the NYS Retirement System directly.

Q. What paperwork needs to be provided by myself or my family upon the death of myself or my spouse?

A. The Benefits Office will need a copy of the death certificate.  The NYS Retirement System requires an original. If the retiree predeceases the dependent spouse, medical benefits will be offered at that time.

Benefits Office Staff

Susan Belluccio
HR Manager, Benefits
(914) 377-6087