Human Resources, Yonkers Public Schools

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Theresa Forgét

Deputy Commissioner of Human Resources



Angela Ianniello

New Hire Processing (COY)

Employment Opportunities: Hourly Teaching & Coaching (YPS)

Enrollment – NYS Teacher’s Retirement System (YPS)

377-6165 –


Ann Marie Palmieri

Teacher/Administrator Longevity & Tenure/APPR 

Teachers of Tomorrow (Tutors)

376-8075 –


Darcel Sabol

Teacher Postings/Certified Vacancy Review

Lane Changes, Certified Staff

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Francesca Brigliadori

Professional Development Hours

Student Teaching  & Administrative Interns

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Jacqueline Rega

Employment Opportunities: Teaching Assistants

Certified Resumes/Online Applications,

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Janice DelNegro

Employment Opportunities: Substitute Teaching

Employment Verifications, Certified Staff

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Josephine Fundales

Substitute Teachers 

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Lalaine Gutierrez

Employment Opportunities: Teachers & Administrators 

Leaves of Absence, Certified Staff

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Maryann Sabol

Employment Opportunities: Food Service, Nurses, Custodial Staff, School Safety Officers, & Bus Monitors

376-8070 –


Nellie Diaz-Curbelo

Employment Opportunities: School Aides & Bus Monitors

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Sheila Mueller

Public Surveys

Connect Ed

Vacation Redemption for Administrators


376-8075 –


Teresa Bellino

Employment Opportunities: Civil Service Positions & Sub Clericals

Vacation Redemption for CSEA Employees

376-8070 –


Wendy Connolly

Seniority – Certified Personnel

90 Day Salary Adjustments for Substitutes 

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