Traffic Engineering

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The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for a wide range of Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering functions that include the following: 

  • Prepare intersection traffic signal design plans and cost estimates.
  • Review plans and inspect completed traffic signal installations by NYSDOT, their contractors or City of Yonkers contractors.
  • Prepare/review detours and maintenance and protection of traffic plans for proposed projects in the City.
  • Collect and maintain a record of traffic counts and other pertinent data used to prepare traffic engineering studies and for the implementation of traffic safety improvement programs.
  • Develop a centralized computer controlled traffic signal system.
  • Conduct traffic safety studies.
  • Maintain a geographical record of traffic accident reports.
  • Conduct/review traffic impact studies for various proposed developments; determine if any mitigating measures are necessary to the local transportation system.
  • Conduct traffic surveys and studies in response to requests from the Mayor’s Office, other city agencies and the public to improve traffic control devices.
  • Prepare traffic engineering reports on traffic related matters.
  • Provide technical assistance to the Yonkers Parking Authority, Planning Board, Zoning Board, Handicapped Parking Board, Police, Fire and Parks Departments, the Yonkers IDA and the Corporation Counsel.
  • Provide traffic engineering expert testimony in personal injury lawsuits brought against the city.
  • Conduct traffic equipment surveys to ascertain equipment status.
  • Conduct parking demand studies to determine the appropriateness of proposed parking facilities.
  • Prepare, update and maintain a record of traffic control device locations to provide documentation for the city court.
  • Install, upgrade, repair, maintain and replace all traffic control devices.
  • Install and operate a closed loop centralized computer controlled traffic signal system.
  • Prepare and maintain a geodatabase retrieval system for traffic engineering operations.