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  • Engineering

    • Cars are constantly speeding down my block. What should I do?

    • Do I need a permit from the Engineering Department to place a canister/dumpster in my driveway?

    • How do I get a traffic light repaired? How do I get a street light repaired?

    • I am handicapped and I need a place to park at my home. How do I get a handicapped parking space installed?

    • I believe that a traffic signal (or an additional STOP sign) needs to be installed on my corner. How do I go about getting one installed?

    • I own a business and I need a loading zone for my truck, how do I get one installed?

    • If I get a warning notice or violation to repair my sidewalk, who do I call to find out what’s wrong with the sidewalk?

    • The No Parking signs on my block are faded, how do I get new ones?

    • The street name sign on my corner is missing, how do I get it replaced?

    • The traffic light is too long in one direction and not long enough in the other. What can be done to fix this?

    • What are the different colored markings in front of my house, in the street, and on the sidewalk?

    • What are the fees for a permit?

    • What do I need to do to receive a permit to do a street excavation? i.e., sewer or water service work?

    • What do I need to do to receive a permit to fix or replace my sidewalk?

    • What do I need to do to receive a permit to place a canister on the street?

    • What is the procedure to obtain a water meter?

    • When and where do I go to obtain a permit to do any work within City of Yonkers property?

    • When I try to cross the street the WALK sign does not stay on long enough for me to get all the way across; it begins to flash DON’T WALK when I am just halfway. Can this be fixed?

    • Where do I buy a City of Yonkers map?

    • Who is responsible to fix and maintain the sidewalk in front of my property?