Plan Review Requirements

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The following constitutes the minimum acceptable submission requirements for plan review by the Engineering Department:

1.      Drawings shall be at a minimum:

a)     On sheets sized 11”x17”(or larger)

b)     Plan scale

·         1”=10’ for individual lot submissions

·         1”=30’ for subdivision or multiple lot submissions

c)     Signed and sealed by an engineer and/or architect licensed and registered  to practice in the State of New York

d)     Title block to include:

·         Title of the project

·         Address of the project

·         Property owner’s name and address

·         Tax Map, block, lot and unit(if applicable)

·         Date of plan preparation

·         Plan, section and/or detail scale

·         Revision box

·         Drawing/sheet number

·         Name, address, and telephone number of the A/E preparer

e)  A separate plot/site survey by a licensed Land Surveyor


2.      Drawings shall include the following:

a)     Title Block

b)     North arrow

c)     Location map

d)     Property lines, with metes and bounds (including street R.O.W.)

e)     Location of all adjoining property lines(including adjacent structures)

f)       Required building, wetland and other setback lines

g)     Easement lines with metes and bounds.  Purpose of easements

h)     Existing manmade structures including but not limited to:

·         Buildings

·         Sheds

·         Play equipment

·         Walls

·         Fences

·         Utility  poles

·         Manholes

·         Water valves, hydrants and gas valves

·         Catch basins

·         Driveways(details:type and dimensions)

·         Sidewalks(details: type/composition, dimensions and condition)

·         Curbs(type of construction and curb reveal)

·         Porches/decks

·         garages

·         Underground utilities (including pipes, conduits, culverts, wellpoints, tanks, etc.)

·         Overhead wires

·         Traffic signals

·         Sewer type, size, depth and direction of flow

·         Water lines

·         Street signs


i)        Existing natural features including but not limited to:

·         Topographic data, contours at 2’ vertical intervals(within the property line and adjacent properties)

·         Rock outcroppings

·         Trees(wooded areas)

·         Surface water of and kind

·         Location of flood zones or statement that the site is not located within a flood zone

·         Location of public and private streets


3.      Proposed work including but not limited to:

·         Buildings

·         Length, width, floor elevation and height of building/s

·         Setback distances

·         Slope stability considerations or evaluations

·         Play equipment

·         Walls (retaining and decorative; with top and bottom elevations) and foundations.  Retaining wall details and hydrostatic pressure provisions.

·         Utility poles

·         Manholes

·         Water and gas valves

·         Catch basins

·         Porches/decks

·         Sheds/garages

·         Fences

·         Underground utilities (pipes, conduit, culverts, etc.)

·         Overhead wires

·         Site grading

·         Drainage design(including calculations); Note: direct connections to City catch basins is not permitted.

·         Stormwater detention/retention location, size and details

·         Provisions to avoid flooding of existing roads and structures

·         Driveway, roadway and utility profiles.  Proposed driveway slope must be shown.

·         Roadway alignment and cross-sections

·         Roadway/pavement details and backfill requirements

·         Driveway alignment and site distances for curb cuts.  Curb cut widths and driveway apron details.

·         Curb and sidewalk cross-sections and details

·         Street opening work, utility connections, details, etc.

·         Deed restrictions and easements

·         Comprehensive soil erosion plan(during and after construction).  Proposed plan should conform to NYS Standards & Specifications for Erosion and Sediment Control(revised 8/2005)

·         Landscape plan(if applicable)

·         Design of water and sewer mains (if applicable)