Civil Engineering

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The Department of Engineering provides Professional Engineering Services to the City of Yonkers. Projects are assigned to the Department of Engineering by the Mayor. The Department of Engineering Administration Function includes: Engineering Studies, Field Investigations, Engineering Designs, Preparation of Engineering Estimates, Drawings, Specifications and Contract Documents, Preparation of Request to Advertise and Contract Recommendation Forms, Scheduling, Inspection and Supervision of Capital Construction Projects, Sampling for Professional Laboratory Testing and Interpretation of Test Results, Computation of Payment Quantities and Dollar amounts, Preparation of Payment Certificates, Description of Easement Limits, Assisting the Law Department, Preparing Reports for Various Departments and Agencies on Engineering matters, Providing Information for the Public Review of Engineering related matters, especially Drawings and Specifications prepared by other Professional Engineers and Architects in connection with City Projects, Research of all kinds to provide proper historical information on past Department of Engineering Projects, Preparation of Professional Service Contracts for Consulting Engineers and Registered Architects, Administration of the annual N.Y.S. CHIPS Program and Creating and Maintaining the Official City Map, Official Ward Map and Official City Council District Map.