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  • Constituent Services

    • How can I contact the Office of Constituent Services?

    • How can I get a Tax Identification Number?

    • How can I get my recertification for housing and assistance with the application process?

    • I am a victim of a natural disaster (fire, flood, hurricane, tornado etc); I cannot reach the Red Cross; where do I get a voucher for food, clothing, lodging etc.?

    • I am having difficulty obtaining services that I need. Who can help me with (Blank agency)? For example: Board of Education, Dept. of Social Services, and other housing needs/ organizations.

    • I am having problems with the Utility Company; who can help me?

    • I do not have any food, who can help me?

    • I lost an important document (state ID, social security card, employment authorization card.); who can I call to ask how I go about obtaining a new one?

    • I would like to know how to become a legalized citizen?

    • Is there a Spanish speaking representative that can help me? I need assistance in translating documents and filing paperwork.

    • What are the hours of operation?

    • What types of services are available?

    • Where do I sign up for the Mayor's Thanksgiving Food Drive and the Mayor's Annual Toy Drive?

    • Where is the Office of Constituent Services located?