Hunting and Fishing License

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License Year is from October 1 - September 30

Licenses on sale from mid August through September 30

All applicants must show proof of residency such as a New York State Drivers or Non-Driver’s Identification or one of the following in addition to a written statement attesting to the fact that you have in been a resident of New York State for the preceding 30 days.

  • Voter Registration Card
  • W-2 Income Tax For or IT201
  • Bank Statement
  • Major Credit Card Bill or some form of utility bill


  1. Fishing (No Training required)
  2. Hunting consists of the following:

    Small Game
    Big Game
    Muzzleloading (requires previous Hunting License or Hunter’s Education Certificate

  3. Trapping or Jr. Trapping (requires a previous trapping license or trapper education course)
  4. Bowhunting or Jr. Archery (requires both Hunting and Bowhunting training)


  1. Minors must purchase adult licenses when they reach age 16.

    1. Minors may fish without a license when they reach age 16.
    2. Minors may not hunt without a license eligible for junior licenses beginning at age 12 if trained.

      Jr. hunting ages 12-15
      Jr. archery ages 14-15

    3. Minors may not trap without a license eligible for junior trapping license at any age upon successful completion of trapper training course.

  2. Seniors become eligible for reduced fee licenses at age 65; just one senior stamp

    1. If eligible to hunt, becomes a sportsman license.
    2. If not eligible to hunt becomes a fishing license.
    3. All other privileges cost full price and require regular stamps.

  3. At age 70, applicants become eligible for a combination of senior and free licenses.

    1. Applicants must purchase one Senior stamp.
      1. If eligible to hunt, becomes a sportsman license.
      2.  If not eligible to hunt, becomes a fishing license.

    2. All other privileges are free, if trained. Use one free stamp for each additional privilege, e.g. free stamp in Bowhunting box and free stamp in Muzzleloading box.