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The Mayor's Disability Advisory Board

The Mayor’s Disability Advisory Board consists of 7 members who  work with the Mayor and City of Yonkers to assess the problems in the City of Yonkers  that present the greatest obstacles to equal rights, access and privileges of citizens with disabilities.


Members of the Board

Carole Conklin, Chairwoman
John Moynihan
Pamela Dingee
Marcus Blacknall
Nnenna Akoma-Ononaji
John Strothenke  
David Rabadi

Gail Burns, Liaison to the Mayor


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Carole Conklin, Chairwoman  

Gail Burns  -


Mission - Goals - Objectives

MDAB was founded by the Mayor of Yonkers, as a complement to other constituent advisory boards.

Mission of MDAB

  • Help raise awareness of the needs of the citizens with disabilities in Yonkers.
  • Define and help execute short and long term goals for improved quality of life for people with disabilities in Yonkers.

Goals of MDAB:

  • MDAB shall assess the problems in Yonkers that present the greatest obstacles to equal rights, access and privileges of citizens with disabilities.
  • MDAB shall determine which problems and needs deserve the highest priority as well as those that have the greatest opportunity for correction.
  • MDAB shall maintain a regular liaison with the Mayor and appropriate city boards and agencies for the purpose of making recommendations for problem resolution. 
  • MDAB shall reach out to citizens of Yonkers to solicit and receive input regarding ideas; identifying existing, new and potential problems or concerns affecting the rights and privileges of citizens with disabilities.

Objectives of MDAB: 

  • Membership of MDAB shall constitute four to seven Board members.
  • Members will serve for an indeterminate length.
  • Members will be appointed by the Mayor of Yonkers.
  • One member will be designated by membership as chair.
  • Membership will also include a liaison from the City of Yonkers administrative staff.
  • Meetings of MDAB shall occur on the second Thursday of each month at 1:00pm, usually in the Mayor’s 2nd floor conference room.
  • Agenda items are solicited from members seven to ten days in advance of each meeting. If no agenda items are presented, that month’s meeting may be cancelled; as well as meetings during summer months.
  • Minutes of each meeting will be recorded, and archived.
  • Action Plans for Goals will be determined by Membership.
  • Delegation of responsibilities for such plans will be decided by Membership.





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