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Yonkers Mayor Spano Calls on Governor Cuomo to Support Yonkers’ Push for New York City to Relocate MTA Bus Garage from Yonkers Waterfront

Post Date:01/10/2020 10:41 AM

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YONKERS, NY – January 9, 2020 – In response to New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent announcement to relocate a tow pound off of New York City’s waterfront, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano is now asking Governor Cuomo to also support Yonkers long-time push for New York City to relocate its MTA bus garage in Yonkers, which occupies nearly four acres of prime waterfront real estate.

Mayor Spano stated, “For over 20 years, New York City has housed its MTA bus lot, tax free, on our pristine waterfront without any benefit to our city and without any effort to work with us. For the great reasons the NYPD tow pound should be moved off Manhattan’s shoreline, so should the MTA bus garage be moved from the Yonkers shoreline. I am asking Governor Cuomo to support our efforts in our discussions with New York City.   It’s time to give Yonkers back its waterfront.”

The MTA operates the bus garage, located on Alexander Street and Babcock Place, yards away from the Yonkers shoreline in the single most valuable stretch of the Yonkers waterfront. Eighty buses are fueled, maintained and rest on the site and only serve New York City-based routes, and do not serve Yonkers or Westchester riders. Over of the last eight years, New York City and the MTA have refused to have meaningful discussions with Yonkers officials about the relocation of its bus garage to any location other than where it lies today.

Yonkers’ efforts to conduct master planning for the waterfront area are impeded by the presence of the MTA Bus Garage, which is tax exempt from paying property taxes to Yonkers.  The bus garage blocks the necessary extension of public roadways and infrastructure to serve the burgeoning waterfront, prevents natural routes for public access to the expansive waterfront promenades and undermines the value and quiet enjoyment of the properties being developed in its vicinity.

Mayor Spano stated, “This bus garage serves no purpose to Yonkers residents or its visitors, it obstructs additional economic development that will continue the revitalization of our waterfront.”

Earlier this week, Governor Cuomo announced the NYPD has until the end of the year to relocate the tow pound on Pier 76 in Hell's Kitchen to make way for the pier's redevelopment and provide for green, open space.

Mayor Spano concluded adding, “It’s apparent Governor Cuomo places a priority on giving New York’s waterfronts back to local communities.  I ask he provide Yonkers the same courtesy and bring some sanity to this issue so that Yonkers can continue with its unprecedented waterfront growth. My message is clear to New York City: stop taking Yonkers taxpayers for a ride.”