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City of Yonkers Passes Legislation Requiring Dog Waste Disposal Stations at Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Post Date:03/15/2019 9:31 AM
Mayor's News

YONKERS, NY – March 15, 2019 -- Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano today announced new legislation, passed by the Yonkers City Council, requiring residential properties with 25-50 housing units to install dog waste disposal stations outside the building.  Additionally, every building or structure that allows dogs with 51 or more units shall provide two or more dog waste disposal stations. 

“This is an important piece of legislation that not only helps keep our neighborhoods clean, but also maintains a healthy environment for all of us in Yonkers,” said Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. “Besides the obvious nuisance that non-disposed dog waste brings, it also damages grass and lawns, potentially transmits diseases and pollutes our waterways through runoff.”

Dog waste disposal stations have been shown to increase citizen compliance by nearly 200% with local dog cleanup laws.  Currently, in the City of Yonkers, failure to pick up after a dog is a Class III offense and subject to a fine of $1,000.  

“This initiative utilizes a model that has proven effective in encouraging building owners to take simple, yet meaningful action to reduce waste and maintain cleanliness in our local neighborhoods,” added City Councilwoman Shanae Williams.  

The receptacles will not be placed on any street, sidewalk or footpath that interferes with public space and all dog waste stations must be approved by the City of Yonkers Department of Housing & Buildings.

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