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Yonkers Mayor Spano to Establish Women’s Advisory Board

Post Date:01/24/2018 12:52 PM

 Mayor's News

YONKERS, NY – January 24, 2018 – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano today announced he is establishing a Yonkers Women’s Advisory Board, for the purpose of creating and recommending effective policies, programs and projects in the City of Yonkers. The Board will consist of up to nine members, residents of the City of Yonkers and shall serve two year terms. Starting today, those interested in becoming a board member can submit their resume at

“The women in Yonkers contribute to the vitality of our City in every facet of life, including government, education, business and more,” said Mayor Spano. “Now more than ever, women are enacting change and empowerment. I look forward to meeting, working and developing a forum within Yonkers in which we can develop programs and address issues that intricately affect the women here in the City of Yonkers.”

Once chosen and convened by Mayor Spano, the board will elect a chairperson, a vice chairperson, a secretary and other such officers as deemed necessary.  The Board’s goal will be to advise the Mayor on issues that affect the quality of life for women in the City of Yonkers. 

Responsibilities of the Women’s Advisory Board will include: reviewing and monitoring City policies, procedures, practices and programs; work with the Mayor and the City staff to develop and recommend effective policies, legislation and/or services to eliminate discrimination and improve opportunities for women and their families in Yonkers; and promote equal status of women and encourage public policy to cooperate in such endeavors.

Mayor Spano added, “With approximately 52% of the City of Yonkers’ population made up of women and over 6,000 plus women business owners, it is essential that the women in our community have a platform to discuss issues of relevance and importance.”

Mayor Spano is expected to complete the Women’s Advisory Board selection process in the coming months and announce in March. Other Advisory Boards created by Mayor Spano include the African American Advisory Board, Disability Advisory Board, Hispanic Advisory Board, LGBTQ Advisory Board, Muslim American Advisory Council and the Youth Advisory Board.