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City of Yonkers Issues Halloween Curfew for Children 16 and Under

City Provides Residents Halloween Safety Tips

Post Date:10/30/2014 12:57 PM

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YONKERS, NY – October 30, 2014 – To ensure a safe and happy Halloween in Yonkers, Mayor Mike Spano today announced that the City will issue a curfew for children 16 years of age and younger for the night of October 31st beginning at 10PM.

“Halloween is a fun holiday for all ages but there are potential dangers to be aware of,” said Mayor Mike Spano. “The curfew is a proactive approach to make sure our youngest residents will remain safe. I am also encouraging parents to be mindful of their children’s activities so that all can enjoy a happy and healthy Halloween.”

Halloween Safety Flier (English | Spanish)

2014 Halloween Flier - English 2014 Halloween Flier - Spanish

As part of the curfew, the Yonkers Police Department advises children ages 13 and younger to be in their homes by 10PM; children ages 14-16 must be home by 11PM. The curfew is extended to 6AM to individuals that meet the following criteria:

  • Children accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • Children on errand with parental permission with prior notice to Police Community Affairs Division
  • Half hour after the end of school, religious and volunteer public entertainment no later than 12:30AM unless police are notified by host organization 24 hours in advance
  • Half hour after work, with proof from employer
  • All children ages 16 and younger are not subject to curfew if on or immediately next to their home (if neighbor has no objection)

Violators of the curfew will be taken to the nearest Yonkers Police Precinct and parents/guardian will be notified. For more information about the Halloween curfew, contact the Yonkers Police Department at 914-377-7375.

“We want our residents to have a happy Halloween and enjoy all the associated festivities in a safe and secure manner,” said Charles Gardner, Yonkers Police Commissioner.  “Extra patrols will be deployed for the evening ours and we ask that parents be mindful of the City of Yonkers curfew. Non-emergency phone calls can be made to the YPD Communications Division by dialing 377-7900.” 

The Yonkers Fire Department is also issuing Halloween fire safety tips, which include:

  • When purchasing a costume, or masks, beards and wigs, avoid very loose or long trailing fabric. Costumes should be short enough so as to avoid potential tripping and falling. Look for a Flame Resistant label. This label does not mean that the costume won’t catch fire, but it does mean that the costume will resist burning and should extinguish quickly in the event that it does begin to burn.
  • With masks, make sure that the eye holes are large enough so that children can see out.
  • Avoid candles or any sort of open flame if at all possible. It is safest to use a flashlight or battery-operated candle in a jack-o-lantern. If candles must be used, be sure to place pumpkins far away from anything that can burn, and far away from the route of trick-or-treaters.
  • Keep exits clear of decorations, so as not to block escape routes.
  • Tell children to stay away from open flames. Instruct children on how to stop, drop, and roll if their clothing catches fire. Have them practice- stop immediately, drop to the ground, cover face with hands, and roll over and over until the flames are completely out.

“Safety for our residents is of utmost importance,” said John Darcy, Yonkers Fire Commissioner. “Following the simple fire prevention safety tips provided will allow for a more enjoyable holiday.”

Additional Halloween safety tips suggested by the City for parents and trick-or-treaters include:


  • Arrange for an adult to accompany trick-or-treaters
  • Be sure children can see through their masks. Costumes should be easy to see, either made from light colors or marked for nighttime with reflective tape
  • Ensure costumes are the correct size for your child to prevent falls
  • Dispose of unwrapped candy or candy that appears altered
  • Don't leave your children unattended
  • To help plan a safe route, visit the sex offender registry


  • Don't eat anything from trick-or-treat bag until a parent has checked it
  • Always stay with people who you know, and stay in your own neighborhood
  • Tell your parents where you are trick-or-treating, and stay away from dark streets and buildings
  • Never enter the car of house of a stranger
  • Look before crossing the streets
  • Walk, do not run 
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