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Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting



                                                                                      August 29, 2019   


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: A Public Hearing will be held before the Zoning Board of Appeals of the City of Yonkers on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2019 at 6:00 P.M. sharp, in the Ceremonial Courtroom, Yonkers, New York (building is accessible to the handicapped), on applications for Appeals from the Building Commissioner's decisions and applications for Variances under the provisions of G.O. # 4-2000, as amended:


# 5660 –Area Variance – James G. Dibbini Esq., on behalf of Nepperhan Heights Associates, LLC, owner, on premises known as 540 Nepperhan Ave, Block 2179, Lot: 25, Zone: I

 # 5661 –Area Variance – James G. Dibbini Esq., on behalf of Nepperhan Heights Associates, LLC, owner, on premises known as 578 Nepperhan Ave, Block: 2179, Lot: 5, Zone: I



# 5656 – Area Variance – Michael F. Stein, P.E., on behalf of Glenbrook Development Group, owner, on premises known as 120 Hillcrest Avenue, Block: 234, Lot: 23, Zone: S-50



# 5662 – Area Variance – Frank Vicari, owner, on behalf of himself, for alterations and additions to existing dwelling, whereas Zoning Variances required for project as shown; code compliance review will be done after Zoning Board approval; additional dimensions required on Site Plan; front yard to show dimensions to right side of proposed garage, call out dimension to closest point of front porch; review Tables R302.1(1) & R302.1(2) for allowable types of construction and minimum separation distances to property lines; front steps shown differently on Site Plan, floor plans and elevations, on premises known as 2 Ascot Road, Block: 4315, Lot: 25, Zone: S-50


# 5663 – Area Variance – Snyder & Snyder LLP, on behalf of FC Yonkers Associates LLC, owner, and Motion Simulation US, LLC, lessee, to allow more than six amusement devices having exceeding permitted number of amusement devices (permitted: six devices in an establishment of 5000 sq. ft. or more: proposed: 36 devices) Reference 43-43.A.(1)(a), on premises known as 194 Market Street, Block: 4070, Lot: 1, Zone: PMD


#5664 – Area Variance – Studio Architecture, on behalf of St. Joseph’s Medical Center, owner, for upgrades to bulk oxygen tank whereas fences and walls, including retaining walls must not exceed 6 feet in height within side or rear yard setback (proposed 12.0' +) (reference Yonkers Zoning Ordinance 43-41.D.3.a), on premises known as 127 South Broadway, Block: 493, Lot: 27, Zone: D-MX


# 5665 – Area Variance – Steven A. Accinelli, Esq., on behalf of 70 Jackson Street LLC, owner, to construct a new state of the art residential building with onsite parking, mailroom and laundry facilities having exceeding maximum permitted height, (required 75 ft. ; proposed 106.1 ft.). Ref. 43-27, Table 43-3; exceeding maximum permitted F.A.R., (required 3.00; proposed 4.22. Ref. 43-27 Table 43-3, and 43-8 Gross Floor Area definition, subparagraph B, on premises known as 70 Jackson Street, Block: 186, Lot: 132, Zone: A




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