Youth Services

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Youth Services

The Bureau of Youth Services assists children and families in Yonkers with issues affecting their quality of life.

Juvenile Delinquency Intervention & Prevention

Assessment of presenting problems ranging from school truancy to drop-out prevention. Referral to various Yonkers community-based organizations for follow-up counseling. Assistance with developing strategies to prevent or stop substance use/abuse. Referrals to drug prevention and treatment programs.

Positive Youth Development Programs

Referrals to over 25 community-based organizations providing healthy, structured and well supervised programs for youth ages 5 through 18. Yonkers Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs provide year round recreation programs; Community-based organizations provide programs ranging from after school academic remediation to adolescent pregnancy prevention.

Yonkers Youth Court & Community Service

A youth run intervention and diversion program addressing early criminal activity and anti-social behaviors by allowing first-time offending youth the opportunity to go before a jury of their peers for sentencing. Juveniles who appear before the Youth Court of their peers are provided the opportunity to learn from their mistakes through constructive sanctions such as community service, early intervention and positive peer pressure. Any student in the Yonkers Public or Private school system in grades 9 – 12 is eligible to apply to become a member of the Youth Court. Community Service hours are performed, as ordered by the Youth Court, under the supervision of Youth Service staff. All Community Service is performed on weekends, holidays and school vacations. Certain situations allow for Community Service hours to be performed after school during the week.

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