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Yonkers passes trash cam law

Post Date:07/06/2017 6:05 PM

YONKERS, NY - Litterbugs, beware. Yonkers has adopted an ordinance sponsored by Council President Liam McLaughlin dubbed the 'Litter Free Streets Act of 2017' which will allow for the use of recorded images as evidence of littering or dumping. The item was passed at a special meeting of the City Council on Thursday.

"The Litter Free Streets Act will help make our City cleaner and is the next step in our Citywide anti-litter campaign," McLaughlin said. "Today we're sending a message that if you dump or litter in Yonkers, we will catch you and will we will prosecute you. I'm proud to continue working with Mayor Spano and my colleagues on the Council Majority to keep our streets tidy."

The ordinance creates liability in any instance where a recorded image is obtained showing an occupant of a vehicle throwing or depositing litter from a vehicle. Litter is not only a blight on our neighborhoods, but a time and equipment intensive burden on the Department of Public Works which is a cost transmitted back to local taxpayers.

The ordinance was already adopted in the town of Yorktown and is intended to be used for cameras to be installed at littering "hot spots" to record driver's licenses plates. Even without installing the cameras, Yorktown was successfully able to prosecute one litter bug when a concerned citizen took a video of the act and captured the offender's license plate.

The item was adopted 4-3. It now heads to the Mayor's desk for his signature.

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