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YPD Unveils New Three Wheel Segways Today at the City Pier

Post Date:06/29/2016

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Today the Yonkers Police Department unveiled the new “Segway SE-3 Patroller” which will be deployed to Officers on foot patrol who receive the training.  Mayor Mike Spano, Police Commissioner Gardner and numerous members of the Yonkers Police Department announced the implementation of these new electric vehicles, which will enhance our Officers ability to conduct patrol when assigned to a post.

These three wheeled Segways offer a higher degree of visibility and they can navigate different terrain types.  They will be particularly beneficial at large gatherings such as our Riverfest, the 4th of July fireworks display, and parades throughout the year.  “I’ve often said Yonkers has the absolute best police department in the entire country -- and the addition of these Segways is another big step in the right direction in ensuring they remain so,” said Mayor Spano. “Segways certainly will make patrolling the streets easier, safer, and more efficient, and making Yonkers an even better place to live, work and play. Special thanks to Commissioner Gardner and the entire Yonkers Police Department for their support and hard work in making this possible.”

The department has purchased two of these vehicles, which will initially be deployed to the Getty Square area and the South Broadway Business District.  Police Commissioner Charles Gardner stated “In addition to community outreach advantages, our Officers will now be more visible and have the ability to effectively cover large areas like our business districts and expansive waterfront.  Adding these Segways to our fleet will assist the department in providing a safer environment for our residents.”  An assessment will be conducted in the future to determine if additional vehicles will be purchased. 

The top speed for this model of Segway is approximately 15 miles per hour.  They weigh approximately 400 pounds and are charged via a regular 120 ac outlet.  Batteries can also be changed in the field with little effort, which can extend the range indefinitely during normal patrol operations. 

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