Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Announces Completion of LED Streetlight Replacement Project Saving Taxpayers $1.85 Million Annually Over 10 Years

11,300 Energy Efficient LEDs Replace Inefficient “Cobra Head” Lights

Post Date:07/29/2014 5:04 PM

led 5 (Mayor Spano joins local residents and City officials to install an LED Streetlight at Devoe Avenue and Hall Place.)

YONKERS, NY – July 28, 2014 – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano today announced the completion of the City’s LED Streetlight Replacement Project which replaced 11,300 of the City’s old, inefficient “cobra head” street lights with energy efficient LEDs. The project, completed on time and under budget, is part of the Mayor’s comprehensive sustainability initiative known as Yonkers Green City and will save Yonkers taxpayers $1.85 million in energy costs annually over ten years and reduce the City’s carbon footprint by ten percent.

At a press conference held at the intersection of Devoe Avenue and Hall Place, Mayor Spano joined the project contractor, Lumen Light Solutions, a joint venture of Yonkers Contracting and Verde Electric; Brad Tito, the City’s Director of Sustainability; and Samantha Wilt of the Natural Resources Defense Council to ceremoniously install the final LED streetlight.

“Sustainability makes sense, for the City’s bottom line and the taxpayers’ too,” said Mayor Mike Spano. “Replacing the old inefficient streetlights will not only make our city greener, it will lead to significant energy savings year after year after year.”

Announced in July 2013, the Streetlight Replacement Project utilizes an innovative energy savings contract model whereby the City pays for the cost of the project through realized energy savings, guaranteed in excess of $18 million over ten years. The new LED lights are extremely durable and last upwards of 80,000 hours, or approximately 19 years, meaning less ongoing maintenance and more taxpayer savings. The new LED lights are also brighter than the old alternative, improving lighting and increased public safety in neighborhoods.

Brad Tito, Yonkers Director of Sustainability said, "Completion of the city's award-winning LED Street light project is evidence of the tremendous progress Yonkers is making under Mayor Spano's Yonkers Green City initiative. We're not only cutting the carbon footprint, we're working together to build a healthier, more vibrant city."

Samantha Wilt, Energy Policy Advisor at the Natural Resources Defense Council said, "The Yonkers streetlight retrofit project will save the city and its taxpayers millions of dollars through reduced energy costs and cut harmful air pollution. The project is a great example of the impact cities can have in building a clean energy future.  Not only will it benefit the people of Yonkers, but it sets a model for cities around the country to follow."

The project recently received First Place at the New York State Conference of Mayors’ Local Government Achievement Award and was recognized as an “Anchor Project” by New York State’s Climate Smart Communities program. The installation of the new LED lights are part of Mayor Spano’s overall sustainability plan, Yonkers Green City, which includes energy upgrades at several City buildings, the conversion of City vehicles to alternative fuel, the adoption of green development standards, and the formulation of an Energy Master Plan in partnership with the New York State Power Authority, among other initiatives.

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